Focus on the measuring lab

High-precision engineering requires human skills, machine-tools in perfect working order and, as a third indispensable element, rigorous metrological inspection.
Sauma Industrie has always strived to adopt the best technology and keep a close watch on evolutions in this field, in order to guarantee the increasingly precise dimensional and geometric measurements submitted to its clients.

 At the end of 2017, we renewed our ZEISS coordinate measuring machine for the third time: Zeiss Prismo Vast Gold Machine with X, Y and Z ranges of 1600mm, 2400mm and 1000mm respectively. This machine is installed in a new 30m2 air-conditioned room and has a bridge with a lifting capacity of 4 tonnes.
In the autumn of 2019, we installed our latest calibration bench (this, too, is in its third generation at Sauma), the TRIMOS brand’s HPA model with a range of 1500mm. With this instrument it is possible to calibrate measurement tools, for external and internal dimensions, with a precision in the order of a micron.

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